Appreciative Systems Auditing

Appreciative Systems Auditing

General objective:
– To develop participants’ auditing skills
– To allow them to target systemic causes for non-compliance;
– To induce an increased level of spontaneous compliance with internal control standards, rules and regulations and objectives;
– To create an awareness with their auditees of opportunities for improvement and change;
– To let auditees experience being audited as a learning opportunity.

Target audience: Staff involved with the preparation and execution of audits

Number of participants: 6 – 16 participants

Prerequisite: Participation in audit planned shortly after 2 day basic training

General content:
– Understanding auditing basics and referentials, a.o. ISO 19011
– Understanding (management) system basics
– Audit preparation: setting feasible objectives, audit criteria, documentation audit and determining critical elements
– Audit execution: fact finding, interviewing
– Audit reporting: drawing conclusions and inducing compliance
– Auditing’s place in the strategic cycle.