About Antonie

" Organisations engage Antonie Reichling because he thoroughly penetrates the client’s situation, quickly gets to the core of issues, and simultaneously shows them additional chances of making creating results. "

About Antonie

Since 1992, Antonie Reichling has acted as organisation coach and accountability partner, as trainer, adviser and project manager, specialising in supporting businesses and organisations in realising their objectives and achieving their ambitions. As a result of his hard work and skills, more than 90 organisations—from both home and abroad—have deployed Antonie to help them with over 200 projects—both in the short- and long-term.

Antonie was trained to be mechanical engineer. His 14 years’ experience in the business world offered him a practical foundation on which to base his work as an organisation adviser.

Antonie uses a coaching approach which aims towards letting his clients do as much as possible themselves so that they can soon continue under their own power. Organisations engage Antonie Reichling because he thoroughly penetrates the client’s situation, quickly gets to the core of issues, and simultaneously shows them additional chances of making creating results.
He respects the organisation and the dynamics already present there. Antonie starts working immediately, has a great eye for detail, and knows how to enthuse everyone. With his knowledge and experience acting as a solid base, he implements only those practices which actually work and, in the process, supplies whatever is needed.

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Antonie Reichling
Association of health care providers

Traditionally oriented towards the development and quality-assurance of the trade, the management noticed that there was an increasing need among members for support in their positioning in the field. The


Since 2004, clients have engaged Antonie in projects with multinational organisations from both home and abroad. Antonie carries out tasks which cover his entire offering and field of activity, from training in the area of lean improvement for a large player in cleaning machines, to consultancy on document management for a Directorate-General of the European Commission.

In each of Antonie’s international projects, he has worked with multicultural groups, introducing his own solid multicultural experience. His competence in the field of multiculturalism was confirmed by accreditation as an Intercultural Readiness Assessor. By using the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), he specifically supports his clients in the four most important competences for success in a multicultural environment:

  1. Intercultural communication
  2. Commitment-building
  3. Intercultural sensitivity and
  4. Dealing with uncertainty


The over 70 organisations who have made use of Antonie’s services since 1992 have allowed him to deepen his experience in the following industries in particular:

  • Packaging (Corrugated cardboard and synthetics)
  • (International) Machine industry
  • Dutch executive agencies
  • Air and rail traffic control
  • Civil and hydraulic engineering
  • European organisations
  • European inspection and audit organizations
  • Youth welfare work
  • Corporate academies of multinational organisations
  • Multicultural organisations and teams
Developer and operator infrastructural projects

The project managers in the international organization had trouble meeting deadlines and keeping within budget on their long term, capital-intensive projects. Project coordination took a lot of effort, responsibilities in

Water management agency

A renovation project of some infrastructure had gone quite wrong. Many stakeholders were involved, all were blaming the builders, it looked like nobody from the agency or their other contractors

Research & Publications

Antonie Reichling prefers to work with you one on one. And sometimes such an assignment gives rise to research from which others can also reap the benefits. Or you as a customer are the reason for a publication to provide additional assistance. A publication by Antonie, with or without his colleagues.

You can download and read some of the publications on the next page as PDFs:

Structured approach versus improvisation

Some time ago, delivering a Project management training in France, I had a discussion with a participant on the words ‘in a structured manner’ being part of the definition of


A good partner is extremely valuable. Sometimes, however, extra capacity can provide just that little push, thereby allowing success to fall within reach. Or sometimes specific expertise is needed which Antonie Reichling cannot, or does not want, to give you himself. This could be due to the field falling outside the scope of his services, his expertise or his experience. Such as Behavioural Training, Financial Expertise, or In-depth Statistical Analysis. If this is what you need, Antonie gladly offers you access to an extensive network. As a broker in expertise, he suggests expert and reliable network partners to you; partners who attend to you as you would expect from Antonie -someone who works as a trusted partner and with whom you can work either through Antonie or directly.
Antonie also acts on behalf of Relevance (formerly Schouten Global) in Zaltbommel, projectmanagement-training.net in Amsterdam, Global Management Consultants in Dubai, EIPA in Maastricht, and EFE-IFE Benelux in Brussels.