Antonie uses a coaching approach which aims towards letting his clients do as much as possible themselves so that they can soon continue under their own power.

During a coaching programme, Antonie supports you in concretely formulating your goal, which will subsequently enable you to determine the path to get there yourself whilst considering what is necessary to enter that path. With his knowledge and experience as a solid base, he advises of what would and would not work—for you, for your goal, and for your organisation.

He offers you the knowledge and tools which you will need during the various stages on your path. And, should the occasion arise where Antonie does not have the knowledge himself, he knows where to find it for you.

Antonie offers you a partner on your path to whom you can reflect your hopes and worries, and who also occasionally offers unsolicited feedback, as much as is needed, yet no more than necessary.

Out together, home together, as long as you like, but no longer than necessary.


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  • Leadership
  • Organisation coaching
  • Organisational development | (semi) government projects
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Project management
  • Project management | (semi) government projects
  • Project management | not-for-profit projects
  • Project management | profit projects
  • Quality management
  • Quality management | (semi) government projects
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  • Strategic management | not-for-profit projects
  • Strategic management | profit projects