The Project Check

Together with colleagues Tineke and Bart Antonie Reichling developed The Project Check, the ultimate tool for evaluating the effectiveness of your project approach. The Project Check helps you, as a project leader or client, to get the conversation going between the most important parties involved in your project. Together you evaluate the progress of the project:

  • the contribution to the organisational goals
  • the contribution to the organisational goals
  • the collaboration within the team.

With The Project Check you can be certain that each of these approaches will come up, so you can continue the good practices and improve the lesser ones.

This allows you to achieve your project results with greater ease and speed.

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Of course individual projects like the ones you find below should be evaluated. But it's not just those individual projects that lend themselves to evaluation. It's also the conditions that exist for project management to be successful and the process of choosing and prioritizing projects from a strategic perspective.

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