” Antonie uses a coaching approach which aims towards letting his clients do as much as possible themselves so that they can soon continue under their own power. “

Organisation Coaching

Antonie uses a coaching approach which aims towards letting his clients do as much as possible themselves so that they can soon continue under their own power.

During a coaching programme, Antonie supports you in concretely formulating your goal, which will subsequently enable you to determine the path to get there yourself whilst considering what is necessary to enter that path. With his knowledge and experience as a solid base, he advises of what would and would not work—for you, for your goal, and for your organisation.

He offers you the knowledge and tools which you will need during the various stages on your path. And, should the occasion arise where Antonie does not have the knowledge himself, he knows where to find it for you.

Antonie offers you a partner on your path to whom you can reflect your hopes and worries, and who also occasionally offers unsolicited feedback, as much as is needed, yet no more than necessary.

Out together, home together, as long as you like, but no longer than necessary.

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Your need for knowledge and skills is unique. With an approach tailored to your own specific and individual situation, Antonie makes it possible for you to specifically learn what you can actually use and how to apply your achievements in your daily reality—not just for tomorrow, but into the future!

Antonie uses an action-learning approach. Various elements comprise the total package, such as participant preparation, details of common practice and coaching on application—all of which guarantees the applicability of that which has been learned in practice. In addition, you are helped to develop a method of working together with Antonie, where you learn from your experiences during the application and continue to develop your skills on your own.

The Project Check

Together with colleagues Tineke and Bart Antonie Reichling developed The Project Check, the ultimate tool for evaluating the effectiveness of your project approach. The Project Check helps you, as a project leader or client, to get the conversation going between the most important parties involved in your project. Together you evaluate the progress of the project:

  • the contribution to the organisational goals
  • the technique of the planning and execution
  • the collaboration within the team.

With The Project Check you can be certain that each of these approaches will come up, so you can continue the good practices and improve the lesser ones.

This allows you to achieve your project results with greater ease and speed.

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